Les Miserables: A Non-Review Review of the US Touring Production While in Vancouver

Thank the musical gods of Canada for bringing the Les Miserables North American touring production to Vancouver so people can relieve the experience! No need to do a review to tell people how excellent the show is because it just is.

This production, which mostly used elements from the 2014 Broadway revival gave new life to the musical – from the sets, arrangements, score, costumes (elements that kept up to the times without compromising the foundation that made Les Miz successful to begin with), and most importantly, the cast who that didn’t fail to keep the audience in awe the packed Queen Elizabeth Theatre.

Catch Broadway Acrosss Canada’s touring presentation of Les Miserables while you can. It continues to play in Vancouver until July 15, after which they head on to Calgary, AB and then back to the US.

And then , of course, the experience wouldn’t be complete without stage-dooring hard to congratulate the cast at the #stagedoor

(T) Matt Shingledecker (Enjolras); (B) Joshua Grosso (Marius)

(T) Elsa Avery Dees (Young Cosette); (B Left) Sam Middleton (Gavroche); (B Right) Nick Cartell (Jean Valjean)

(T) J Anthony Crane (Thernadier); (B) Josh Davis (Javert)



3 responses to “Les Miserables: A Non-Review Review of the US Touring Production While in Vancouver

  1. I saw this particular tour back in November. Such an impressive cast. It was my 5th time seeing Les Mis. I am this huge fan of Les Mis.

      • 5 times- that all has to do with timing and being obsessed with the musical. My journey all began with seeing the movie musical.

        2013- CPCC (Central Piedmont Community College)- I was a student there at a time and they did a production at the time. I got to see it with the family and I ushered twice. So three times there.

        2015- finally fulfilled my dream of seeing it in London

        2017- that was seeing the current North American tour

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