Falsettos: Just Go See It

Filmed for a PBS airing, Falsettos premiered on screen across North America last July 12 and is now scheduled for additional screenings due to its success.

I am not reviewing the production itself as there’s no necessity – there’s countless reviews already, and yes, to sum it up, the show is good.

Almost to capacity when I arrived, I am so delighted to see the continued success and awareness of the existence of filmed shows, especially for us who are unable to watch productions because of geographic challenges.

Without exaggeration, the screening was as if we were watching a live performance, from effectively capturing the audience reactions to the applause that follows each numbers – the only thing missing to complete the experience was the standing ovation during curtain.

The success of the screening will hopefully encourage more productions to film, potentially garnering more followers for future productions, filmed or live.  Just look what it did for Miss Saigon, for instance.  The 25th anniversary filmed performance served as a perfect companion piece when the show transferred to Broadway, and it doesn’t seem like it affected the box office.  Newsies, which was filmed while it was on tour, got more exposure and widened its fan base, prompting for additional screenings since it first came out.

I mentioned that additional screenings are scheduled so if you didn’t get a chance to see this yet, go.  Because it’s probably the next best to being in the actual live show.

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