Vancouver Fringe to Celebrate World Fringe Day!

In 1947, eight theatre groups turned up at the Edinburgh International festival and performed their shows without invitation at the fringe of the festival, hence the phrase Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Since then, more performers followed, and by 1958, the Festival Fringe Society was created due to its growing success and trend.

Fast forward to 2017 – 70 years after the first fringe was held, countless Fringe Festivals are now happening worldwide not only showcasing talents, but also creating cultural connections that continuously grows.

On July 11, 2017, the Vancouver Fringe Festival will take part in celebrating the inaugural World Fringe Day, an international day of celebration, reflecting on the collective power and worldwide reach of the Fringe movement.

“70 years is young in the art world. We are still at the beginning of a movement. Sometimes I take for granted how radical what we’re doing is. Valuing participation above excellence is still a radical concept in the art world. Believing that excellence arises out of participation goes against the grain. In Canada we’ve trademarked “Fringe,” not for monetary gain, but because the word is so valuable. ‘Fringe’ has become synonymous with authenticity and independent art and we want to keep it that way to ensure that Fringe Festivals are accessible platforms for all artists and audiences. I know that Fringes around the world make a transformative difference in their communities by offering different opportunities and experiences. To me, being part of the Fringe movement means cultivating these experiences so that they can be shared widely. We hope that Vancouver Fringe audiences and artists will join us on World Fringe Day to tell the world what Fringe means to them.” – David Jordan, Executive Director of the Vancouver Fringe

Celebrate World Fringe with the Vancouver Fringe Festival by sharing their love for all things Fringe on social media – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using hashtags #WorldFringeDay #Fringe70

More details will be announced by the Vancouver Fringe in the next few weeks!

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