Tourism Vancouver’s Tickets Tonight Presents Studio 58’s 2015/16 Season

I find that this year, I had been so busy with my running that I haven’t been attending shows as much as I wanted to.  Broadway Vancouver’s next season isn’t particularly interesting for me as I have seen the shows coming and Broadway Seattle is up in the air for now, however, this weekend, I received a fabulous gift courtesy of Studio 58 and Tourism Vancouver’s Tickets Tonight – Studio 58’s 2015/16 Season Tickets starting this October and running through April 2016!

Though not the usual musicals I attend, I am pleased, grateful, and excited for the opportunity to be able to attend these shows, and to write my thoughts and general experience on them.

A New Version of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet (a.k.a. Until the Stars grow Old) – October 1 – 15 2015

In association with The Chop Theatre, this classic favorite is an immersive version, offering a stylish and visual environment with promise of music.

Flee – November 26 – December 06 2015

“An act of self-preservation set to rare and significant music”

In collaboration with the Electric Company Theatre, Flee is a darkly humorous tale incorporating a blend of  live music, visual projection, theatre, and cabaret experience.

4Play – February 03 – 14 2016

Featuring 4 new scripts by Langara’s students and graduates under the tutelage of award-winning playwright, Aaron Bushkowsky

The Crowd – March 17 – April 03 2016

A new play by George F. Walker in association of Green Thumb Theatre, the play’s description intriguingly lists a wedding, a gang warfare, Beyonce, and a zombie – “not actually a zombie but a homeless person”

Studio 58 is a professional theatre training program in Vancouver’s Langara College, offering training for actors and production.  Click here to learn more about their programs.

Tickets Tonight by Tourism Vancouver is located at Tourism Vancouver’s flagship Visitor Centre in downtown Vancouver. Offering exclusive same-day half-price tickets, they provide access to a variety of preforming arts, cultural, and sporting events in and around the greater Vancouver area. Click here to learn more and to sign up for daily half price tickets available!



Images from Langara Studio 58


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