First Listen: Jagged Little Pill the Musical Original Broadway Cast Recording

Jagged Little Pill is a new show directed by Diane Paulus featuring Alanis Morisette’s catalogue of songs that is opening on Broadway next week and today, the digital cast recording was released. I thought of doing an initial listen reaction but as I am not too comfortable doing a video with my gray hair showing and all, I thought I’d do a reaction blog instead.

This is the first time I’m doing this so if some points seem redundant, just try to go past it because that’s how I was feeling and what I was thinking at that time. As I listen, I won’t know who will be singing what, unless if I figure out a distinctive voice (Derek Klena) so I’ll do my best to be as objective as I can. Also, as I listen to the album, I will be typing away so any grammar or typo that’s in there I might miss revising because again, it’s how I am feeling at that time. Hey, if I did end up doing the video, I wouldn’t have corrected anything could I?

So Jagged Little Pill the OBC Recording – here goes…

Different kind of overture. It’s not what I’m used to where its an all-instrumental overture
Great start! Got me hooked!

Right Through You
Well that was short… was that still part of the Overture?

All I Really Want
Nice Intro
I like how the arrangement is done
Is this the actual first full number opening?
That bridge!
Oh wait… fade out? How does this end in the actual show?

Hand In My Pocket
Sounds like a normal remake you hear
Oh there’s a bell, that kind of changed it up
Well the ending made it Broadway-esque at least

I like this one. How did I not hear this before?
I got to listen to Alanis’ other albums now
This is beautiful. That’s all

Hah! Funny they called out the irony thing!
Ironically light hearted
So far 6 tracks into and I’m loving it.

So Unsexy
What I’m noticing so far is there is not a song yet where its done solo. And that’s not a bad thing, I actually like it because it does give that musical vibe and not just a series of songs remade and fitted in the show.

Spoke too soon. I think this the first solo…
Sounds like an American Idol performance
Yes, it’s a solo (not saying it’s a bad thing)
I guess its not so bad, not my favorite though

Lancer’s Party (So Pure)
Another brief one but I like it. It makes the show feel and sound like a good contemporary musical

That I Would Be Good
Nice version. I need to revisit the album. Helps that I haven’t heard the song in quite a while
The chorus – oh this really sounds nice
This made me excited for the show!

Wake Up
I have high expectation on this as this is one of my top track in the original and acoustic albums
It’s official – 3rd version is on the top list!
I really love this song, and hearing this by the OBC is really something. The arrangement and vocals are so goosebump-inducing. Should I find myself at the Broadhurst, this will be the song to look forward to – at least for me personally. Now I don’t know what context this song is used for but it seems really – I don’t know – coming from a dark sense of a scene? Not sure how to explain…

Sung beautifully…
This is my least favorite in the ‘95 album but now I am having a growing appreciation for it
That background vocals
Seems like this is the Act 1 finale. Nice closing. I like!

Entr’Acte – Hands Clean
Oh too bad the song ended the way it ended
This is one of my favorite Alanis song and wish the show could done a longer version

Not the Doctor
This one is a short one, too but this time I didn’t mind

Head Over Feet
Has that Next to Normal vibe – sorry for the comparison but it does.
It turned up… no more same vibe! Lol
Ok, so far I am liking how they are doing the subtle deviations
Nice addition and transition to Your House. And I like how it’s still a hidden track

Unprodigal Daughter
I’m not too familiar with this track so…
Done. Ok, probably not a top pick but I can see this has potential to grow on me

Interesting. This sounds like a track I usually hear on the radio these days
Sounds really dark – I’m safely assuming this is the heaviest piece of the show that I heard about?
Really wondering how this translates into stage
What a beautiful dark song

I hope choreography came with this. I am liking this version!
The orchestration on this track is just exquisite and sounds really grand

You Oughta Know
The essence of anger is captured beautifully!
I love how the chorus was done, focusing on the lyrics and turning up again
Those background strings caught my attention
This being the song that made the album what it is, I’m imagining there’s big pressure how this will be done and to what context and placing it will be used in the show. Just from listening, it looks like it did the job. Hopefully this translated to everyone’s expectation. Good job!

Mary Jane
To be honest, I think this one is the song that is the most forced into the show – naming a character “Mary Jane” because there’s a song called Mary Jane kind of like Scaramouche and Galileo became characters in We Will Rock You (I know – bad comparison but that’s the only thing I can think of right now)
An okay track

First time I’m hearing this song
Starts really slow but progressively getting interesting
Wait… there’s a Wake Up mash up

Thank U
Very nice how they did this song especially the final notes just wish it could have been longer

You Learn
I sort of heard this version before and I am still feeling it
Ensemble blending! Loving it more
Thank you – for the Thank You mash up!

Well that was a nice ride. From my initial listen, I feel like the show itself has a dark, heavy theme and vibe that ends on a good note. It helps that Alanis Morisette’s songs are great and using them for Jagged Little Pill the Musical offers something very different and very special than one of those dime-a-dozen jukebox musicals that’s been turning up a lot.

I’m convinced that I will be seeing this show when I get a chance, whether it’s the OBC, a touring cast or maybe other production which hopefully will give justice to the work. As for the cast recording, I highly recommend adding it to your collection!

Original Broadway Recording Cast
Kathryn Gallagher, Celia Rose Gooding. Derek Klena, Sean Allan Krill, Lauren Patten, Elizabeth Stanley, Annelise Baker, Yeman Brown, Jane Bruce, John Cardoza, Antonio Cipriano, Ken Wulf Clark, Laurel Harris, Logan Hart, Zach Hess, Max Kumangai, Heather Lang, Ezra Menas, Kelsey Orem, Yana Perrault, Nora Schell, Kei Tsuruharanati, Ebony Williams

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