Herringbone: A Spoiler-Free Account of My Experience with this Fun, Dark Musical

Buckle up, everyone!  You’re in for a wild ride! – Director Kayla Dunbar

And what a ride it was!  So what was running through my thoughts while playing Herringbone?  Read on…

Entering the theatre: Tables! I shouldn’t have finished my wine right away!

Luisa Jojic, opening night performer walking around the theatre: Stage door opportunity! But then, this is not a stage door…

Peter Jorgensen, Katey Wright, and Luisa Jojic  intro: It’s starting!  I don’t know anything else about this musical except for the fact that there is only 1 performer playing multiple roles including a possessed boy… and I am excited!

Lights Out: Here we go!

Act One

Opening:  “One of those years”: Nice!  Music is has a catchy, toe-tapping Chicago vibe. A good musical introduction of what’s to come

George’s Song: “NOT PRESIDENT, PLEASE (A little boy dreams of what NOT to be.)”: Ok, this single-performer-performing-multiple-roles-for-this-musical is working well; transitioning from an adult to a child looks like a tough one but Luisa Jojic is doing this flawlessly

Between and including songes #4 to #8: Getting a little confused… character transition getting a bit blurry.

Scene at the Store: She’s back on track! Or maybe I’m back on track

Howard is introduced: I just laughed and thought of nothing

At Mr. Moseley’s: This is probably where it starts (and I was right).  Will Mr. Moseley turn out as I expected?

“George’s Transformation (Or, “Mother, Make IT Stop…”: The songs are really good!  I wonder if there’s a cast recording and if there is, how did I not know of it???

At this point in the show, I was enjoying the “Little Mr. Tippy Toes” number

George is Possessed: Omg, Luisa is funny!

George performs an Exhibition of a Dazzling Nature and Act 1 Finale: This is a darkly fun musical!  Wait, what the… is he really doing that?

House lights go on: Intermission already? I didn’t notice the hour pass by!

Luisa Jojic in Herringbone; Photo by Mark Halliday

Act Two

Opening: “What’s a Body to Do? (Hey, it’s a Legitimate Question)”: I’m still recovering from what happened at the end of act 1 but Luisa as Lou is really making this show fun.

The Chicken and the Frog story: It’s entertainingly dark but yeah, Lou, I see now where you’re coming from.

The Lily Pad Tango: This is a favorite… yes, I love this number

A Mother and the encore: A little chill-down number in my opinion (while sipping my wine)

At the hotel, when story took another dark turn: Oh no you didn’t just tell him that, Dot! Mildly disturbed at this point

Still at the hotel, now at the room “3/4 for Three”: OMG, Dot, you did not do that, please tell me you did not. Now wide-eyed disturbed.

The 11 ‘o Clock: Just when I thought it couldn’t get worse, here we are… wait, is that what I think happened?

One of Those Years (Reprise): clapping at curtain: this is a fantastic show and definitely deserves more recognition!  Bravo, Luisa Jojic!

Driving on my way back home: I gotta check Amazon to see if there’s a recording.  (Update: there is one and it features B.D. Wong)

Starring Luisa Jojic or Peter Jorgensen alternating performances and directed by Kayla Dunbar with musical direction by Sean Bayntun, Patrick Street ProductionsHerringbone by Canadian playwright Tom Cone continues to play at the Anvil Centre, 777 Columbia Street, New Westminster, from until October 6.

Click here for schedules and to get tickets!

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