Patrick Street Productions presents Herringbone – A Delightfully Upsetting One-Person Musical

Patrick Street Productions present Canadian playwright Tom Cone’s Off-Broadway hit, Herringbone, a vaudevillian ghost story that is intriguing, entertaining, somewhat disturbing, and a must see!

This Off Broadway hit show, which premiered as a one-act in 1975 and eventually was expanded into a full-length musical, is a darkly comic, highly theatrical musical set in 1929 that tells the tale of eight-year-old George, who is taken under the wing of a vaudeville veteran, becomes possessed by the spirit of his mentor’s vengeful partner, and suddenly shows a remarkable talent for dancing!  As the play progresses, an epic battle arises over George’s mind, body and soul.

Herringbone stars Peter Jorgenson and Luisa Jojic who will alternate performances, playing 12 characters. This unique approach creates a rare opportunity to experience the ways in which gender affects the storytelling. You just might need to see it twice!

Directed by Kayla Dunbar with musical direction by Sean Bayntun, Herringbone will play at the Anvil Centre, 777 Columbia Street, New Westminster, from September 24 to October 6.

Click here for schedules and to get tickets!

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