Vancouver Fringe Feature: R’n’J: the Untold Story of Shakespeare’s Roz and Jules

Roz and Jules: No longer Romeo’s Fools? …………..
or w
hat happens when texting enters the tomb and Romeo is dead?

Immediately following the Edinburgh Fringe, London Library Emerging Writer 2019 and Vancouver-born Carmina Bernhardt, will present her new play, R’n’J: the Untold Story of Shakespeare’s Roz and Jules at the Vancouver Fringe Festival.

Juliet’s double pregnant, Rosaline decides she does want Romeo, but Romeo is definitely dead. Join Roz and Jules on an epic tragicomedy adventure to clear their names, heal family strife and safely deliver those babies!

This fresh ‘after-story’ of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet begins when Juliet wakes up in the tomb. Just as she is about to stick the dagger into her heart, dead Romeo’s cell phone beeps. An incriminating text from Roz (Rosaline, his first passion) sets off a chain of events both tragic and comic, during which forlorn and pregnant Jules (Juliet) and cousin Roz flee across Italy. A host of characters (familiar and new) appear to aid or inhibit their flight.

This ensemble-driven, multi-media tragicomedy uses contemporary language in Shakespearean blank verse and touches upon age-old questions of human conflict, both within and without.

Directed by Leon Trayman (Winner of the Gold Standard Industry Award for Best Director & Best Production at The Henley Fringe Festival), and starring Carmina Bernhardt, R’n’J: the Untold Story of Shakespeare’s Roz and Jules will play at the Firehall Arts Centre, 280 E. Cordova St as part of the Vancouver Fringe Festival September 5 – 15.

Click here to check schedules and to get tickets.

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  1. Opening Night on Sept 4. Join  Fringe Alumni Abdul Aziz (Fake Ghost Tours) and Davey Calderon (Big Queer Filipino Karaoke Night) for the traditional Fringe-For-All, which features 40 two-minute previews, hors d’oeuvres and desserts from The Keg and Dockside Restaurant, new products from Georgian Bay Spirit Company.

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