Vancouver Fringe Feature: Conduit

The Body Orchestra presents Conduit, an eclectic 60-minute show comprised of three contemporary dance works.

This triple bill of contemporary dance is an abstract feast for the senses, featuring choreography by Jenn Edwards, music by award-winning composer Mary Jane Paquette, and a powerhouse ensemble of seven dancers. Gathering inspiration from cinema, psychology, orchestral conductors and even Broadway musicals, Conduit weaves a visceral dreamscape celebrating the body as a vehicle for stories, energies and connections.

The Body Collective presents Conduit; photo by Allan Jeffrey

Imposter Syndrome (Premiere), an uproarious, cathartic romp that puts self-doubt under the

We’ve all had that feeling… like you don’t belong. Like you’re a fraud… an imposter in your own life. This cathartic romp of a piece blows self-doubt out of proportion and turns it inside out, reminding us that we are not alone.

Other Creatures is a quieter, more intellectual work

Within a Dystopian structure inspired by the films of Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos, articularly The Lobster and Dogtooth, seven dancers navigate a fishbowl of fear, paranoia, escapism and romance.

Conduit, a dreamy ride inspired by the movements of orchestral conductors

Conduit sources the movements of orchestral conductors to weave an abstract tale of human relationships, power dynamics and the role of art in our lives. It considers the dance of the conductor as part of a ritual… a performance of the meeting place between music and listener,between the everyday and the transcendent.

Conduit will play at The Cultch, 1895 Venables Street, as part of the 2019 Vancouver Fringe Festival September 5 – 15.

Click here to check schedules and to purchase tickets.

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