Vancouver Fringe Feature: Lift


Awkward Stage Productions brings the Canadian premiere of Lift, a contemporary new musical with a book by Ian Watson and music and lyrics by Craig Adams.

Lift brings our attention to the simultaneous connection and disconnection that is oh-so-common in our daily interactions. Lift is a witty, heart-felt and raw story that provokes chilling reflection and the thought “how much is lost in translation?”

Lift explores the idea of strangers. Set in a London underground lift, in the imagination of one man, during one minute, on it’s way to the surface, we meet seven seemingly random characters. they are: a businessman, his secretary, a gay male ballet dancer, a female lap dancer, a french teacher and two American tourists.

Today, in this lift, in this minute we witness their lives through the eyes and words of the busker.   Writing songs about the people he watches. He lives his fears and dreams through their stories and what he creates is his own fiction as the inhabitants of the lift serve to answer his problems and most of their stories become the answers to his own dilemmas.

Lift plays at the Firehall Arts Centre as part of the Vancouver Fringe Festival from September 5 -15.

Click here for schedules and to get tickets.

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