Vancouver Fringe Feature: Tommy’s Amazing Journey

Tommy’s Amazing Journey Rocks the Fringe Like It’s 1969!

Kevin Armstrong brings to the 2019 Vancouver Fringe Festival his new performance of Tommy’s Amazing Journey, his solo rendition of The Who’s classic rock opera, in honour of its 50th anniversary.

“Tommy” recounts the story of a boy, locked out of his senses by a traumatic experience, who grows up to become an unlikely messiah. Kevin’s performance is a spectacular display of musicianship, dexterity and vocal expression, including foot-operated drums and a massive 8-string acoustic guitar to recreate the sound of an entire band, all while singing every role himself. Tommy’s Amazing Journey is a musical experience that is as unorthodox as it is mind-blowing.

Tommy’s Amazing Journey plays at the Revue Stage in Granville Island as part of the Vancouver Fringe Festival from September 5 -15.

Click here for schedules and to get tickets.


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