Musicals of the 2019 Vancouver Fringe Festival!

It’s Fringe season once again and the Vancouver Fringe Festival will not be complete without giving you a dose of musical theatre!

Here are this years’ roster of musicals playing at the Vancouver Fringe Festival!

Old Fart
Theatre Praxis – London, Canada
Playwright: Tim Bourgard

Hilarious, touching, fun. Old Tom is a quirky Old Fart. He takes you through the joys and challenges of living long, laughing hard, and loving deeply. Stories, jokes, songs, and tears, but mostly laughs.

He’s everyone’s Granddad with a twist. He’s actually funny! Young or old, you’ll love him!

Gloria’s Happy Hour
Kat Single-Dain Productions – Vancouver, Canada
Playwright: Kat Single-Dain

Meet Gloria, your one and only for one night only. Gloria may be over-the-hill, but she is running down the other side! A showgirl in her prime, she doles out relationship advice to anyone who doesn’t ask and ends up getting it herself.

Hilarious. You may just meet the love of your life.

Zack Adams: Love Songs for Future Girl
Weeping Spoon Productions – Perth, Australia
Playwright: Shane Adamczak

Celebrating the show’s 10-year anniversary, Australia’s rock’n’roll funny man with his award-winning Comedy Cabaret about love, loss, heartbreak, growing bad ginger beards, and everything in between. Think of it as a cross between a rock concert and group therapy.

Carey, OK!: Timeless Timely Tunes Volume. 1
Chip Pop Productions – Victoria, Canada
Playwright: Carey Wass

A mix of Robin Williams and Reggie Watts, Fringe fave Wass (Ride the Cyclone, —Globe & Mail) unleashes a one-man a cappella musical that blends singing, beatboxing, rapping, and dance into a series of uplifting songo-logues about anxiety, social media, and his journey living in Vietnam.

Winner: Favourite Performer at Victoria Fringe.

Tommy’s Amazing Journey
kevztunz – New Westminster, Canada
Playwrights: Pete Townsend/Kevin Armstrong

In 1969, The Who released Tommy, a concept album that was the first “Rock Opera.” Fifty years later, Kevin Armstrong (Opera for Heathens) brings his astounding solo performance of this seminal album to the Fringe, singing all of the roles while playing 8-string guitar

The Legend of White Woman Creek
The Coldharts – Brooklyn, USA
Playwrights: Katie Hartman & Nick Ryan

The American frontier, 1867: A young woman flees her war-torn home to start a new life in an unfamiliar land. A 13-song cycle of love, betrayal, and revenge sung by the ghost of Anna Morgan Faber.

There Ain’t No More
Breaker/Fixer Productions – Fayetteville, USA
Playwright: Willi Carlisle

In his final concert, an old folksinger confronts his troubled past, his legacy, and death itself with five instruments, square-dance calls, and dirty jokes in this haunting, heartfelt hootenanny. This tour-de-folk operetta addresses the faded and sometimes problematic legacy of American folk culture.

Winner of Best Show at the Orlando, Fringe, 2017.

Dynamite Lunchbox – Orlando, USA
Created by Tymisha Harris, Michael Marinaccio, and Tod Kimbro

Six-time “Outstanding Performance” winner Tymisha Harris stars in this sixtime Best of Fest winning off-broadway biographical musical that combines theatre, cabaret, and dance to tell the story of the iconic Josephine Baker, the first African American international superstar and one of the most remarkable figures of the 20th Century.

Girls Night In
Monica Lee and the Couch Choir – Vancouver, Canada
Playwright: Monica Lee

Preaching from the couch, Monica Lee and the Couch Choir are tackling some of the most pressing issues of the day for women: wine, chocolate, women peeing on public toilet seats, how to make lemonade, sexting…

Join these ladies for a Girls Night In!

West Moon Theatre – Vancouver, Canada
Playwrights: Craig Lucas, Daniel Messe & Nathan Tysen

Amelie is an extraordinary young woman who lives quietly in the world but loudly in her mind. She covertly improvises small but surprising acts of kindness that bring joy and mayhem.  But when a chance at love comes her way, Amelie realizes that to find happiness she’ll have to risk everything and say what’s in her heart.

Awkward Stage Productions –  Vancouver, Canada
Music and Lyrics by Craig Adams; Book by Ian Watson

Lift is a contemporary musical set in London’s Covent Garden Tube Station.  The elevator ride takes one minute, but the journey inside takes us through eight lifetimes, allowing the characters to see and say things that might not otherwise …come up.

A rich, complex contemporary rock score and powerhouse vocals will not disappoint.

The Great Canadian Porno: The Musical
Frenzied Millennial Collective – Vancouver, Canada
Playwrights: Nick Preston & Sam Dabrusin

This bold, new, and certainly hilarious musical sees best friends Caleb and Jess deal with a classic millennial crisis, navigating ethics in a world that so often rewards unethical behavior. In development since 2014, a complex Golden Era musical structure lifts this contemporary story, taking the audience on a fast-paced and unexpected ride.

The Woman Who Borrowed Memories
Roan Shankaruk – Vancouver, Canada
Playwright: Roan Shankaruk

Stella, an artist, left her city and traveled abroad to become famous. After a 15-year absence she returns to her old apartment, and her landlady informs her that her room is currently inhabited by an old acquaintance, Wanda. During her visit, Stella realizes that her old room is not enough for Wanda. She wants Stella’s very memories for her own.

Theatre Terrific – Vancouver, Canada
Playwrights: Susanna Uchatius & Mary Jane Paquette

Workin’ addresses the personal and public value of work, the hierarchical status of different types of work, who
works where, and why. What defines “something” as work and “something else” as not work?

Tomatoes Tried to Kill Me But Banjos Saved My Life
Quivering Dendrites – Vancouver, Canada
Playwright: Keith Alessi

Triple award winner at the 2019 NYC Frigid Fringe. An inspirational true story of life, challenges, battles, and triumph. What choices do you make when confronted with life’s challenges?  Will pursuit of a passion take you to a place you never imagined?

Ingénue: Deanna Durbin, Judy Garland and the Golden Age of Hollywood
Melanie Gall Presents – St. Albert, Canada
Playwright: Melanie Gall

Judy is an icon—loved as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. But in the 1930s, Deanna Durbin was a far bigger star. A favourite of Roosevelt, Churchill, even Mussolini, her first kiss was front page news. At 27, she disappeared to a life of obscurity in France. The true tale of the lifelong friendship and rivalry of two great stars of Old Hollywood.

Where the Quiet Queers Are
Amplify Choral Theatre – Vancouver, Canada
Playwrights: Laura Fukumoto with Sara Jellicoe & Elyse Kantonen

She said, “How many of us build our families from our friends?” Two friends build an unlikely home in each other in the face of exhaustion, rising rent, and messy relationships. Using choral music, a cappella soundscape, and spoken poetry as the medium, this ensemble explores where the quiet queers go, and how to find family in a transient city.

The 35th Vancouver Fringe Festival and its other 100+ shows including the musicals will take place September 05-15, 2019. For show locations and times, Download the 2019 program guide here!


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