2018 Vancouver Fringe Festival Pick of the Fringe

The 2018 Vancouver Fringe Festival may have wrapped up but the Fringe celebrations goes on as the Public Market Pick of the Fringe has been announced!

Receiving rave reviews, great word-of-mouth, and just kept their shows a-buzz over the course of the festival, this year’s picks will be back for another performance!

From September 19 through 23 the Public Market Pick of the Fringe will be held at Performance Works at 1218 Cartwright Street in Granville Island.

And this years Public Market Pick of the Fringe winners are:

5-Step Guide to Being German 2.0
Wednesday, September 19 at 8:45pm

Wanna be German? Of course you do. German comedian Paco Erhard will teach you how. The first ever stand-up show to hold a mirror up to real modern Germany, Canada, and the rest of the world. You will laugh.

“It’s crowd-pleasing entertainment that has been packing houses for years.” —the Georgia Straight

Thursday, September 20 at 8:45pm

30-something Korean-Canadian Esther examines herself in the aftermath of a recent tragedy and navigates her relationship with family and other characters in her life.

“The heart of the show is a killer—thanks largely to Bang’s witty and transparent performance. Emotions pass over her like weather. She’s a star.” —Colin Thomas’s Fresh Sheet

Poly Queer Love Ballad
Saturday, September 22 at 6:45pm

Nina, a polyamorous bisexual poet, meets Gabbie, a monogamous lesbian songwriter. They struggle to reconcile their fierce mutual attraction with their opposing perspectives on love. A charming and poignant exploration of polyamory, queerness, and relationship.

“The tenderness and rapture of this story made me weep big, nostalgic tears.” —Colin Thomas’s Fresh Sheet

Squeeze My Cans
Saturday, September 22 at 8:45pm

Cathy Schenkelberg’s journey as a Nebraska Catholic girl from a family of 10, through the rabbit hole of the infamous cult of Scientology, represents an everywoman’s story of a young adult searching for her place.

“Schenkelberg is a dynamo of a storyteller, and her bravery is admirable given that this can’t be an easy story to tell.” —Winnipeg Free Press

Sunday, September 23 at 6:00pm

A completely improvised church service for a religion made up on the spot from Travis Bernhardt, creator of the award winning Charlatan!, Unpossible!, and Chris & Travis.

“[Travis Bernhardt is] charismatic enough to get the entire audience to participate.” —Vancouver Presents

The Lady Show
Sunday, September 23 at 7:45pm

Putting the JOY in feminist killjoy! Sketch, stand-up, monologue, satirical news, and more starring Diana Bang, Morgan Brayton, Fatima Dhowre, and Katie-Ellen Humphries.

“I was in such high spirits leaving this performance and the positivity and hilarity has stuck with me.” —Theatre Addicts

Then there is also the Pick Plus on September 19-21.  Fringe hits that are so good we brought them back from Fringe’s past or from other Fringe Fests! Tickets are $25. Or see three or more Pick Plus show as part of a Theatre Wire Package and save 20%. Visit vancouverfringe.com/pickplus for details.

50 Shades of Vinyl — A Canadian Parody
Wednesday, September 19 at 7:00pm

A kinky homage to a beloved Canadian radio program featuring the sexual misadventures of a middle-aged couple.

“A consummate storyteller. Never feeling forced, every word and gesture had a purpose in telling the sometimes ridiculously funny, and bawdy, stories.” —Vancouver Presents

Thursday, September 20 at 7:00pm

A visually stunning physical theatre piece inspired by Alice in Wonderland’s journey following the white hare that enchants audiences of all ages combining dance, circus, and shadow puppetry.

Nominated ‘Best Physical Piece’ by the SKAMpede Young Company & Winner of the Fringe’s Joanna Maratta Award

Basic Training
Friday, September 21 at 7:00pm

The true story of Kahlil Ashanti’s hilarious experience as a member of the military entertainment troupe, Tops In Blue, and the shocking revelation that forces his attention home to face the abusive childhood he was trying to leave behind.

“This show is killer. His gift for dead-right mimicry is comparable to Eddie Murphy; his talent for seamless, feel-good melancholy brings Robin Williams to mind.” —The Age (Australia)

The Birdmann FINALE
Friday, September 22 at 8:45pm

Avant-garde acts like plastic bag juggling, microphone chin balancing, and environmentally thrilling escapes—accompanied by live music from neo-jazz musician Egg from Japan, expect the unexpected from a man like no man!

★★★★★ “An underground hero.” —Times Colonist

All Pick Plus shows will be presented at Performance Works, located at 1218 Cartwright Street on Granville Island. Tickets are $25 each.

Partial proceeds from Pick and Pick Plus shows go to support the Vancouver Fringe Festival.  Tickets are on sale now!

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