Vancouver Fringe Review: Small Town Boys

After a life changing moment of violence in their lives, Small Town Boys illuminates the different paths their lives take. The narrator, one of the boys, follows two older boys out west, and the journey unfolds in terrific and wacky ways. With ruthless self-scrutiny and compassion the story dives into the nature of deep friendship, forgiveness, and the fleeting and fragile moments that define our lives.

Montreal born and former Vancouver resident, Sean Casey Leclaire’s Small Town Boys pulls you into a place so real and so painful you can easily imagine everything he describes – from the tavern they used to hang out to the dark corners and rooms that presented them with life challenges, up to a disturbing revelation that elicits emotions from sadness to anger, and helplessness.

Leclair’s style of storytelling is very raw and non-pretentious, which is why it holds the audience’s attention and anticipation of what happens next, never mind the need to call for his next lines.

Small Town Boys, while has heart and humour, is very deep and is heavy on the subject matter, though it does shed some light into how people from same backgrounds can and will go different paths of achievement or downfall.

Directed by Lisa Dalton, catch Small Town Boys at the Vancouver Fringe Festival – Waterfront Theatre 1412 Cartwright Street on Granville Island

Dates and Showtimes:
Sat.     Sept. 8 –   1:00pm
Sun.    Sept. 9 –   8:45pm (½ price)
Thurs. Sept. 13 – 6:45pm
Sat.     Sept. 15 – 6:15pm
Sun.    Sept. 16 – 3:15pm

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