Vancouver Fringe Feature: Inside Voices: A Musical in the Key of P

What would happen if we let our inner voices out to play as they wished?

Jennifer Pielak and Peter Abando ask that question in a brand new concept musical for the 2018 Vancouver Fringe Festival.

Inside Voices explores the inner personas we all have – from our inner mentors, to critics, to
tricksters, to divas, to your mothers voice, to silly inner clowns. The show is improvised and
requires an acute awareness of what is going on moment to moment.

It’s also musical theatre and an experiment. Jennifer and Peter are interested in using their connection to each other, the audience, the piano, the space, and their inner thoughts, feelings, and body sensations to discover which “Voices” are presenting moment to moment. They want to heighten these into full fledged characters and see what happens when they let them do scenes, sing and dance.

Photo: John Major

With 8 years of history together collaborating on creative theatre projects, they’re bringing a whole new form of risk to experimental musical theatre – their own personal voices and judges. These two Vancouverbased artists use themselves, a piano, the present-moment, and their incredible chemistry and story-telling skills to create a unique theatrical experience, one born from the characters inside their heads – the inner critics, mentors, and clowns we’re all trained to put aside.

For the first time Jennifer and Peter are performing as a duo, and letting their audience members into their minds – or is it the other way around? Inside Voices: A Musical In The Key Of P is sure to get audiences curious at the Vancouver Fringe.

It’s musical theatre. It’s improvisation. It’s an experiment.

Directed by Eleanor Felton, Inside Voices: A Musical in the Key of P will play at The Firehall Arts Centre, 280 E. Cordova Street, as part of the 2018 Vancouver Fringe Festival September 06 to 16.

Click here for schedules and to buy tickets

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