Vancouver Fringe Feature: 50 Fun Things

“50 FUN THINGS is the best thing to come out of the Victoria Fringe in years”
-Kelly Clark, Showbill, Victoria Fringe 2016

Maniac Productions, a Vancouver theatre company dedicated to producing original work presents a Romantic Comedy Musical about life, love and the incredible power of fun.

50 Fun Things tells the story of lymphoma survivor Kelsey discovering an intriguing theory about life: that no matter what situation you find yourself in, there are always at least 50 Fun Things you can find to be done. She is determined to test this theory out: and on the way she discovers an partner in crime/opponent in beleaguered insurance salesman Seth.

Having experienced his share of disappointments and heartbreaks in life, Seth is adamant that while the theory is a pleasant idea, but impossible to apply to reality. Determined to find a conclusive answer, Seth and Kelsey embark on an adventure through life’s ups and downs to test this theory to its limits.

What results is a fun, musical and heartwarming story about finding joy and love in places you would never expect.

Directed by and featuring Karin Atkinson and playwright Jeff Hoffmann, 50 Fun Things plays at the CULTCH HISTORIC THEATRE – 1895 Venables St, V5L 2H6 as part of the 2018 Vancouver Fringe Festival September 06 to 16.

Click here for schedules and to buy tickets

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