Multiple Organism Gives A Positive and New Meaning to the Term Toilet Humor

One of the most awaited show in this year’s Fringe, Mind of a Snail‘s new creation, Multiple Organism definitely did not disappoint, offering a very humorous, cringe-inducing, and visually striking show that will make it another Pick of the Fringe!

Multiple Organism not only pushed boundaries, it flushed it onto a world that will make us look at bathroom fixtures and objects a different way!

A love story about toothbrushes, Multiple Organism uses lots of shadow puppetry, visual art, and on-the spot creation the duo – Chloe Ziner and Jessica Gabriel – are known for, also incorporating Gabriel’s naked body as a screen, introducing to the audience a very spunky, funny, and sassy character that we hope will be recurring in the duo’s future shows.

We’re all just projections, man.

Pictured: Jessica Gabriel; Photo by: Chloe Ziner

Not only do they make their own art and perform on stage, the music heard in the show are also perfomed by them, making Gabriel and Ziner triple threats of a different kind!

The 33nd Vancouver Fringe Festival and its other 100 shows continues until September 17, 2017.  For show locations and times, Download the 2017 program guide, and get tickets to Multiple Organism’s remaining performances!

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