Dark But Beautiful That Is 12 Minute Madness

Meet Linda Kunt (a drunken social worker), Little Nazi (a baby with a big dong), and Smoker (who invited her?). These and many others live in my head. I know, freaky. But your psyche can explode when your own grandpa sexually abuses you. Hey, I’m Marlene. This is a true story with 12 twats and a harp.

“When I experienced violence and sexual abuse as a child I disappeared into the wall paper. I lost many things along the way. Self-worth. Clarity. Trust. My voice….” – Raïna von Waldenburg

In the photo: (Left) June Fukumura, (Centre) Sasha Schaepe, (Centre Top) Anjela Magpantay, (Left) Rae MacEachern-Eastwood ; Photo by: Chris Randle

12 Minute Madness‘ subject is dark, sinister, and potentially emotion draining, however, the ensemble cast successfully told the story with humor without making light of the situation, which is such a huge accomplishment  for playwright and director von Waldenburg

A pleasant surprise at this year’s Fringe, 12 Minute Madness will make you think, laugh, and squirm, thanks to a cast that clearly works so well  together  to be able to create awareness on a problem that families and society are continually fighting.

The 33nd Vancouver Fringe Festival and its other 100 shows continues until September 17, 2017.  For show locations and times, Download the 2017 program guide, and get tickets to 12 Minute Madness remaining performances!

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