Rock ‘n Roll Seattle Half Marathon Redux: June 18 2016

I was signed up to do the full marathon, however, with what was going on around me, I wasn’t able to train as much as I should have.  Up to the last minute, I was still debating if I should listen to my head and do a stupid thing and run the full, or listen to my body and downgrade as a couple of components were tempting me – the perfect cloudy and cool weather, the energy my body was giving out at the 12K mark, and some running buddies who I saw along the course on their way to completing the whole thing.

Listening to my body wasn’t an easy decision, however, I am glad I did what I had to do lest I sustain an injury that will keep me from running further ahead.

Course: The start and end was a little different from last year’s and almost everything else the same in between.  What I found was I didn’t notice a lot of hills but that may also have something to do with my mind preoccupied with my personal debate.  I find running down Seattle’s downtown, industrial, and residential area were enjoyable as it let me tour the city and get myself more familiar with the place.

Medal: Not my personal favorite among my RnR medals – and it should have been a green one…


Gear:  Same good material, and good blue turquoise colour, however, I’m not too impressed with the graphic. This one is for my modification pile.

Spectators: Less cheerers and motivators this time around, most likely due to the weather.

Course Entertainment: Not a lot along the route, however, enjoyed most of them, featuring some alternative band, about 2 bands doing covers, and drum beaters which is probably my favourite.

Expo:  A little quieter that most RnR expos I’ve been to even with  lots of activities thanks to Brooks Run Happy Island. Generous giveaways and samples and package pick-up was a breeze.


Total distance: 21.1K/ 13.1M

Official time: 2:27

Next up: Rock N Roll Vancouver Half Marathon, 23 October 2016

3 responses to “Rock ‘n Roll Seattle Half Marathon Redux: June 18 2016

  1. Nice job!! I thought the event was a bit more low key than some of the other RnR races that I have done…there were some real quiet sections on the full and I wasn’t a fan of running I-90 to Mercer…even if it is a home town race logistics of race day and always a pain, probably my last RnR Seattle for a while. We’re undecided on Vancouver – we ran the inaugural one there a couple years ago and loved it…best of luck with your training over the summer.

    • Thanks! And to you as well! I agree, compared to last year, this year’s race was a bit low key but I still enjoyed it and am looking forward to doing the full there. I just wish it could be held at a more cooler time. Glad you enjoyed Vancouver! Cheers!

      • Agree, I did enjoy it overall..although it was my slowest ever marathon!! I’ll have a recap on my site in a couple days if you want to stop by and share your story in the comments you are always welcome!

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