Looking Back: My Favorite Runs and Races

It feels like it has been forever since I last ran a race. Earlier this month, I would have ran my fourth marathon in Paris, however, we needed to cancel as my husband and I found ourselves becoming dads to a wonderful – and potentially a runner – 3-year-old.

Since my husband and I are now taking turns running races, the next one I am scheduled for is the Seattle Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon – I’m actually signed up for a full, however, decided that I will downgrade as I don’t feel I have done enough training this season for a full.

Staying home to take care of my son – and missing my regular runs in the process – I fondly look back at the previous races I have done, most especially ones that I consider milestones in my running endeavor.

The Vancouver Sun Run – 2010

Probably the most popular race in the city, the 10K Vancouver Sun Run is an annual Spring event attended by thousands covering most of the downtown core.

Finishing a decent 1:02, I was very proud of my first race as I anticipated finishing around the 1:15-1:20 mark. I ran 2 more of this race – the second one in 2011 finishing an exact 1:02 and the third in 2013 doing a PB at 0:59.


What I love about this race is the energy pre and post race. With thousands in attendance, you can’t miss it!

The Bank of Montreal (BMO) Half Marathon – 2013

Having raced 10K thrice plus some more in training, I felt prepared to do a half marathon and, in May 2013, I did just that, finishing at 2:30, but happy to have accomplished a PB in distance.

The BMO route is a good favorite of every runner as it covers not only downtown but the surrounding areas as well, offering impeccable views of Vancouver and highlighting what the city has to offer.

Las Vegas Rock ‘N Roll Marathon – 2014

My very first full marathon where I finished at 5:18 – not my goal but very happy to finish nonetheless. This is one of my most memorable as the event was filled with energy, with every turn coming across cheers, music, and lights.


What happened in Vegas I got a medal for!

Running through the strip in the evening was exhilarating, and although there was lull when we reached outside the strip, the energy came back when we returned.  When you do this run, take notice of the strip from the desert and notice how beautiful it becomes when you run closer.

The Underwear Affair – 2012

Benefiting the BC Cancer Agency, the now defunct Underwear Affair was one of the more interesting and fun 10K runs I have participated in so far.

Runners dressed down on their undies while letting imagination run wild, creating various inspirations and versions of familiar and made-up characters, while raising funds for the organization. The year I participated I was lucky enough to win second place in the male category costume, earning myself not only bragging rights but a dozen of Saxx Underwear, one of the event’s sponsors.


Won 2nd place male costume!

This would be something I would love to revive if I had the chance because not only was it a fun and creative run, it also supported a good cause.

I would definitely have as much and diverse course entertainment , ranging from bands to dance routines as well as assemblies that cheers the runners helping out in sending motivation, especially on the latter part of the course.


Part of the fun in organizing these kind of events is marketing and promoting it, especially when fund raising comes in to play.

But, if there is a running event that I would love to have thought of and implemented it will be…

The Craft Beer Run!

Organized by runners from my running group at the Denman Running Room, the Craft Beer Run succeeds in getting people to participate in going around Vancouver’s craft brewery areas, each stopping for a glass (or two or three), ending at 7-8K with participants asking for more!


Its hard to say “no” to beer!

So far, there had been 2 events and hopefully more on the way.  As we only drop in the breweries, I think it might be beneficial to make it more official so we can take advantage of reservations for each of the locations.

So what say you, DRR? should we start using Eventbrite and make it the event official? Eventbrite allows you to create and host your own custom event!


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