Rock ‘N’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon: 15 November 2015

Last year’s #StripAtNight, the Rock ‘N’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon was so much fun we decided to go for a second round!

This time, we were prepared for the elements… or so we thought, when we came across strong winds, flying cups, dust, and somewhere around the 10K mark, rain. Despite these, the run went fairly smooth and when we go to the residential area outside the strip, it all went better.

Course: Having done the same last year (my first time running a full marathon), I felt well prepared for this, having some familiarity with the course.  There’s nothing that will beat running The Strip except for running through the Fremont strip, which, unfortunately did not happen this time.  The course is pretty flat which made for very good pace.  (4.75 out of 5 – only because we didn’t run Fremont)

Medal: Very representational of Vegas with its slot machine design, flipping to reveal the distance ran (5 out of 5).


Gear:  Bright yellow with smaller graphic, although the material is thinner this time.  Anticipating a cold run, we decided not to use the tee (4.75 out of 5)

Spectators: Lesser than what I expected, maybe because of the sudden weather change, but then, even with less spectators, it still felt a lot.  Outside the city, there were more residents out and about cheering on the runners. (4.5 out 5)

Course Entertainment: The pre-race featured Kid Rock and it was a good way to get everyone fired up. Along the way, there were a lot of bands and deejays that made the race interesting, from covers, to techno light shows, and of course, some Elvis. There were a couple of areas that would have benefited from having entertainment, particularly out the strip at the 25-28 KM marks where the route became dark. Other than that, every entertainment we passed gave out good energy (5 out of 5)

Expo: The best Rock ‘N’ Roll expo I’ve experienced, so far. Lots of activities and giveaways.  Brooks Run Happy Island helped make the experience great, and the exhibitors are all generous with their samples and gifts (5 out of 5)


At the expo; bottom pic was at taken at the McCarran Airport

The Run-Through Wedding: My hubby and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary last October, and decided to participate in the run-through wedding to renew our vows.

What better way to celebrate our 5th doing what we love doing!

However, at the meeting, we learned that the ceremony will start at 5:45 at the latest, depending on the participants’ pace, and this on the 5K mark.  This meant that at an hour and forty five minutes, we potentially would have only done 5 kms, meaning, we weren’t going to be able to finish the race (at an hour and forty five, we would have been done 15-18 km already), so unfortunately, we had to skip this.

Hopefully, the Competitor Group can make it work for everyone where runners can make up time or at least lengthen the time limit so that anyone who wishes to participate in this can do so without worrying about being able to finish the race.


Total distance: 42.2K/ 26.2M

Official time: 5:13 (personal best on a full so far!)

Next up: the Pacific Road Runners First Half, Vancouver, 14 February 2015

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