If/ Then: An Engaging Journey of Life Choices

Two decisions, two journeys, two personas, two life outcomes. If/ Then brings the audience through these with seamless transitions (hint: there’s red and there’s blue) between the show’s main heroine, Elizabeth or Liz and Beth, depending on the direction she chose.


Seattle’s Paramount Theater is the second stop of 6 the six-city tour headlined by Idina Menzel, who originated the role, along with Anthony Rapp (Rent, You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown), LaChanze (The Color Purple), and James Snyder (Cry Baby), also reprising the roles they created on Broadway, backed with other Broadway veterans, Dee Dee Magno-Hall (Miss Saigon), Clifford Hall (Les Miserables), Try Ellet (Rent), Marc dela Cruz, and Janine DeVita, to name a few.

I will have to admit that I had to wait for the casting announcements to come out before I decided to see the show, and it was a pleasant surprise that this powerhouse cast ended up playing Seattle, it’s definitely like Broadway was brought in the North West.


Anthony Rapp and Kyra Faith


With Dee Dee Magno-Hall and Cliffton Hall

Looking past the cast, If/ Then presents something that encourages one to think about taking risks without regretting, for whatever choices we make in life, it only molds one’s character, leading us to prepare for the next life altering decision.

3 responses to “If/ Then: An Engaging Journey of Life Choices

  1. I would love to see Idina in it but alas show won’t be in the show when it comes to Florida–meanwhile I will be seeing “Newsies” for a second time next week!

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