Rock ‘N’ Roll Vancouver Half Marathon: 25 October 2015

This would be my 2nd Vancouver Rock ‘N Roll Half Marathon so I do know what to expect.  With last year’s success, it seemed like there were more participants this year, especially since the 10K Remix challenge was also introduced this year.  With a perfect gloomy drizzly weather, the 2015 Vancouver Rock ‘N Roll Half Marathon was truly a fun experience and, in fact, I’ve already signed up for next year!

Course: I am very familiar with the route as my running group usually run bits and pieces of this course so having that familiarity is a very big advantage for me, mentally, that is.  With a combination of residences, community, industrial and scenic areas, out of town runners will surely get a best-of-Vancouver during this  run (5 out of 5 – yes, because I am a proud Vancouverite!)

Medal: Although two-dimensional unlike last year’s where we had the three dimensional Lions Gate lion, it represents Vancouver better with the orca.

Having ran Portland, Seattle, and now Vancouver, I also received my Cascadia Medal.  Aaaand… because I ran a US and a Canadian city, I also received a World Rocker medal! (5 out of 5 even though my neck hurt after having the 3 around my neck for a long period)


Gear:  I like the graphic this time, although the shirt colour is the same as Seattle’s. Made by Brooks so the material is good. (4 out of 5 just because of the colour)

Spectators: More people in the community lent their support for the runners this time, with more cheer and adding to the course entertainment, it’s a very welcome improvement.(4 out 5)

Course Entertainment: Way better this time, with more bands and acts playing along the course. There’s a a couple of areas in Stanley Park that needed some livening up, but other than that, good entertainment along the way! (3.5 out of 5)

Expo: This has got to be the quietest Rock ‘N Roll Expo I had ever gone to.  We were told that it was very busy the day before but when we were there, it seemed like nobody was doing any races.  Not a lot of giveaways and very few interesting booths (2 out of 5)

The VIP Experience:  With tons of thanks to Brooks Running (#RunHappy !), we got to access the Brooks VIP toilets and skipped long line ups while being comfy in the temperature controlled room. I was able to use them a couple of times and it was very handy for last minute bio breaks prior to the race.  (5 out of 5)

Our (almost entire) Running Room Denman Group

Our (almost entire) Running Room Denman Group

Total distance: 21.1K/ 13.1M

Official time: 2:13 (personal best on a half so far!)

Next up: the Rock N Roll Las Vegas Full Marathon November 15 2015; possibly doing the 5K Remix day prior

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