The Soapy Parody That is The O.C.: The Musical

The O. C. was and is a show that I never had a chance to watch when it ran from 2003-2007 so coming into the show,  I honestly did think that maybe it was time to start binge watching.

The show apparently did a good job condensing the series (I say apparently based on overheard conversations in the theater,  and from what I read up on after), however,  knowing what I know now,  I’ll take this musical parody as a 4-seasons-in-a-nutshell-but-with-music-and-lots-of-comedy that will save me hours and hours of TV and internet bandwidth. Suffice to say, The O.C. binge-watching is not happening anytime soon.

The OC Musical-Main

(left to right) Laura Geluch, Mark Dozlaw, Joey Coleman, and Grace Newson stars in The O.C. The Musical

Don’t get me wrong,  though,  the show itself was entertaining,  and for someone without any knowledge of the series,  I was pretty much able to follow through with what’s happening,  thanks to the very effective telling of the company, most notably, Joey Coleman’s cool-yet-awkwardly funny Ryan Atwood, Mark Dozlaw’s goof-ball Seth Cohen, Grace Newson’s lyric-reciting Marissa Cooper, and Brandon Miller’s eyebrow raising (and I meant that in a good way) Sandy Cohen. Special mention also goes out to the show’s writer and musical director Stewart Yu, who gave a nice twist on Julie Cooper‘s character.

Though some parts missed the mark – and, in some instances, the band overpowered the cast – the company managed to get back up right away and keep the flow going and the audience engaged.

Chock-ful of gags, pop culture, and musical theatre references while (apparently) staying true to its source material, The O.C. The Musical proves itself as a must-see of the ever growing number of musical parodies.

Catch the remaining performance of The O.C. The Musical at the Firehall Arts Centre at 280 East Cordova Street.

Two Lobsters Production’s The O.C. The Musical is part of The 2015 Vancouver Fringe Festival which continues to run until September 20 2015.  Get your tickets to the remaining performances here.

Download the program guide here!

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