Theatre Wire: Your One-Stop Shop for Vancouver’s Independent Theatre Scene!

First Vancouver Theatrespace Society, producers of The Vancouver Fringe Festival, celebrates theatre by presenting a one-stop shop for all your independent theatre needs!



Keeping the audience connected between Vancouver’s smaller theatre companies and the theatre community, Theatre Wire not only makes it easier for enthusiasts to keep informed where and when shows are happening, they are also a source for local theatre news.

“The thing that makes independent theatre so exciting is that the artists have their moment of inspiration and then it’s on stage only a few months later. You’re so close to that spark… Theatre Wire is a place where audiences who are interested in theatre like that can find it—a place that supports audiences and artists alike.” – David Jordan , Fringe Festival Executive Director

Theatre Wire’s first season runs July 23 2015 until May 28, 2016.

The Rap Guide to Religion by Baba Brinkman

July 23, 2015 at Waterfront Theatre 1412 Cartwright Street, Vancouver

Fresh from a critically-acclaimed seven-month run at the Soho Playhouse off-Broadway, this multimedia one-man show traces the roots of faith from tribal animism to radical Islam to Justin Bieber thanking god at the MTV Teen Choice Awards. One night only!

Industry: The Food Must Go Out by Pippa Mackie and Nik Bunting (The Progressive Polygamists / Pump Trolley)

October 5-26, 2015 (Mondays only) at Edible Canada 1596 Johnson Street., Vancouver

Performed in Edible Canada’s Granville Island Bistro and using personal stories to expose the comic, tragic, messy, and tasty truths about working in a restaurant, Industry: the Food Must Go Out, is a fast paced comedy starring four award-winning Fringe comedians.

Tender Napalm by Philip Ridley (Twenty Something Theatre)

October 23 – November 8, 2015 at Havana Theatre 1212 Commercial Drive, Vancouver

Explosive and poetic, Tender Napalm weaves a compelling tapestry that re-examines and re-defines the language of love.

Dressing for a Wedding by Aaron Bushkowsky (Solo Collective)

November 12-29, 2015 at Performance Works 1218 Cartwright Street. Vancouver

A dark comedy with music about a mother’s attempt to run her daughter’s wedding (without losing her mind—or her family).

52 Pick-Up by TJ Dawe& Rita Bozi (Twenty Something Theatre)

November 13-29, 2015 at Havana Theatre 1212 Commercial Drive, Vancouver

52 scenes are written on a deck of cards and performed in an order determined by fate, revealing a hilarious and heartbreaking love story. No two performances are the same!

Peter n’ Chris and the Kinda OK Corral by Peter Carlone and Chris Wilson (Peter n’ Chris)

December 3-5, 2015 at Studio 1398 at 1398 Cartwright Street. Vancouver

Peter n’ Chris have been pleasing Fringe audiences for years… prepare to be pleasured again in this wild-west adventure!

The Unfortunate Ruth by Tara Travis (Sticky Fingers Productions)

February 2-7, 2016 at Studio 1398 at 1398 Cartwright Street. Vancouver

Identical twins Ruth and Ruthie share an undeniable psychic connection… but only one of them was actually born!

One-Man Dark Knight: A Batman Parody by Charlie Ross

February 18-21, 2016 at Waterfront Theatre 1412 Cartwright Street. Vancouver

Why so serious? From the madmen behind One-Man Star Wars Trilogy and One-Man Lord of the Rings Trilogycomes a brand new irreverent parody and homage to The Dark Knight Trilogy.

High Tea by James and Jamesy

April 11-17, 2016 at Studio 1398 at 1398 Cartwright Street. Vancouver

James struggles to hold onto reality as Jamesy’s fantastical imagination eclipses conventional logic. Tea fills Jamesy’s apartment until its pressure breaks the fourth wall, inundating the audience and the entire world with a sea of tea. An uproariously playful and interactive show.

5@50 by Brad Fraser (Ruby Slippers and Zee Zee Theatre)

May 12-28, 2016 at PAL Studio Theatre 8th Floor 581 Cardero Street, Vancouver

When Olivia loses control at her 50th birthday party, her three best friends decide to intervene. A bold examination of addiction and intervention—and of the friendships we can’t live without.

Individual tickets start at $21
Three show passes starting at $45 and six show passes starting at $90
Tickets and Info:

Visit the recently launched site for more information, to buy tickets and/or subscriptions, and sign up for the bi-weekly Theatre Wire newsletter, and get informed with news and interviews!


New show added

Brain by Brendan McLeod

September 10 2015 venue TBC

The human brain makes 20 million billion calculations per second. That doesn’t mean it’s always right. Brendan McLeod, Canadian SLAM champ and award winning novelist, performs a heartbreaking, hilarious monologue about coming of age, mental illness, and the nature of thought. An intense comedy about what it means to be good.

Images from Theatre Wire

One response to “Theatre Wire: Your One-Stop Shop for Vancouver’s Independent Theatre Scene!

  1. Theatres need all the help they can get–I wish more companies would use social media!!
    On the 21st I will be seeing (and reviewing) Ali McGraw and Ryan O’Neal—are you old enough to know who they are/were??? LOL– in “Love Letters” on tour stopping here in Fort Lauderdale.

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