Happy Pride!

On this day that most cities are celebrating pride (Vancouver ‘s doesn’t happen until end of July),  I just want to send a special greeting to my friends across  the border as this one’ s an extra special one,  what with the recent ruling on marriage equality.

When the same happened in Canada,  I didn’t feel the same ecstatic and emotional feeling I had last Friday as I was so involved in my own personal issues and was in a very dark place at that time,  so when somebody asked me why I am so into the US ruling,  I said it’s just my way of making up for our own celebration,  plus at that time, my social media was basically Friendster,  and that’s  it.

We cannot emphasize how important this is.  It’s as big as when racial equality or when equal gender rights happened but I didn’t get to experience that and am so glad this is happening in my time,  especially seeing the flood of support from my friends via social media.


So with this,  once again I say,  “Congratulations and have a very wonderful  pride weekend!” 👬🌈👭

One response to “Happy Pride!

  1. Hate to rain on your parade but if I am seen in a gay parade or walk into work and say I married my partner Bill yesterday or put a picture of my ‘husband’ on my desk I can immediately be fired for being gay in many States of the USA–the ‘victory’ on Friday is just a small part of our equality–plus, trust me, all the ‘religious’ people will be fighting us in many ways in court just like they have been fighting Roe VS Wade
    but thanks for the good thoughts!

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