Rock ‘N’ Roll Portland Half Marathon: 17 May 2015

This is the first time I’m running Portland and it turned out to be one of the best so far!

The weather was gloomy and chilly when we arrived at the start line  and thought it would carry on throughout but about a quarter through my run, it started getting warmer and so the challenge started.

This was the race I decided to wear my calf compressions and, at many points in the race, I really wanted to stop and take it off due to the heat but am glad I didn’t as it helped with leg fatigue. Also, since I didn’t stop, it helped me achieve personal best on a half, so far.

At the start line

At the start line

Course: The run stretches through from the waterfront in downtown, going up the residential neighbourhood and and back downtown.  Great views all around, especially crossing the bridges. The course really takes you on a tour of the city’s features and gives a glimpse of the lifestyle on a Sunday morning.

One of the more impressive things I noticed is how the traffic was handled, and how organized the race was to ensure the runners are able to continue running and at the same time, minimize traffic delays on intersections the run goes through. (5 out of 5)


Medal: Small but heavy, and designed to be a bottle opener. A lovely addition to my bling collection! (5 out of 5)

wpid-20150521_090026.jpg Gear: Nice material and doesn’t seem like it will pill easily.  Graphics could be better but that’s very minor. I used my compression shirt underneath so I’m not sure of the dry factor but it does seem like it will do it’s job during Summer runs. (4.75 out of 5)


edited photo, obviously 🙂 I just wanted the middle to be my featured image, which is why

Spectators: Portland was awake and alive Sunday morning!  Lots of corners on the residential area brought out their high school volunteers and cheerleaders galore.  The community went all out in supporting the runners, some even taking the time to bake and make their own goodies to provide the runners in between water stations. (5 out 5, more if only I set a higher rate)

Course Entertainment: I didn’t notice a lot of official course entertainers and if I did, they were lots of fun – at some point, there was someone covering Donna Summer’s Bad Girls.  But for what was lacking, the community made up for it.  Aside from being great spectators, there were points where people provided their own entertainment, whether playing their trumpets on their porches or bringing out stereos, overall, I could say, there was not a boring moment during the run. (5 out of 5, plus 5 more for the Portland community)

Expo: Smaller but lots of goodies.  Well organized package pick up. (4 out of 5)

Total distance: 21.1K/ 13.1M

Official time: 2:15

Next up: the Rock N Roll Seattle Half Marathon – possibly upgrading to a full on June 13 2015

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