#MyOpinon: Am I the Only One Who Doesn’t Get Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cats?

There had been talks of the show going back to Broadway ever since London re-staged the show featuring the Pussycat Dolls’ Nicole Scherzinger and the excitement had been abuzz since then, and, to be honest, I don’t get it, and I just wish they’d do Sunset Blvd. instead.

I only saw the musical on DVD and it’s very weird that I really enjoy each of the numbers on their own – unquestionably great songs, fantastic choreography, costumes and a simple but effective set – but as a whole, I just can’t seem to get what it’s about.

Yes, I know it’s based on poetry but with how the show is structured, I feel like I am merely watching a revue featuring performers playing different types of cats, then that one ex-diva cat comes in, sings a classic showstopper, then leaves, then the revue continues.

Perhaps seeing the show with the complete theatrical experience – programmes and intermission wine included – would change my mind. Perhaps it’s because I’m so used to shows having a storyline, or maybe I just need total concentration when I watch the DVD again to make me figure out what it is that I do not get but for now, Cats, as a whole just doesn’t work for me.


I didn’t see it, but I posed outside anyway. Circa 1999


5 responses to “#MyOpinon: Am I the Only One Who Doesn’t Get Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cats?

  1. Whenever I see a post with a headline like that I so want to shout YES!! LOL But you aren’t. Think of Cats as a A Chorus Line for felines but instead of auditioning for a job they are auditioning for a place in Heaven–each pleads their case until one (the diva–Cassie in ACL) is found to be the ‘winner’–she gets the ‘job’–and yes seeing it in a theatre LIVE is different than seeing it on a DVD–you should know that!

    • Thank you. I needed that validation LOL. Also, thanks for giving me a different way of looking at it. When I get a chance I will keep that in mind – Chorus Line, Chorus Line, Chorus Line 🙂 Cheers!

      • Part of the fun of seeing it in NYC was the cast climbing on back of the seats in the orchestra going up and down the rails to the mezz and balcony, etc. The Winter Garden was completely redone to look like a back alley!

  2. I am a musical theatre fan, and honestly, I have the same opinion as you. It IS really just a group of cats singing about themselves/other cats, with a skeletal and minimal plot backdrop. There is no story to push the whole musical forward. I know how you feel when you saw the Cats DVD. I saw it live and it was the same.

    • Good to know its not just me As Martin said in the other comment, just think of it as as a feline version of A Chorus Line. Maybe that changes the perspective 🙂 Thanks for the comment and follow! Cheers!

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