Monochrome Therapy with Conte Crayons

I took a renewed interest in one of my favorite mediums, the conte crayon, creating pieces in monochromatic black, playing and experimenting on lighting and shading.

There’s something about this medium that is very relaxing mentally whenever strokes for shading are done.  I guess it’s the same effect when you work on a simple children’s coloring book. I also think it is how the crayon glides that gives a soothing effect, something I don’t feel whenever I use colored pencils, which I am not fond of at all.

The last time I did this was at the Fashion Illustration class I did and my crayons – consisting of 2 blacks and 1 white sticks – are at least 10 years old now.


Earlier work at illustration class

These pieces I did while on a lazy long weekend afternoon. Hubby and pup #2 were taking a nap and I just took the opportunity to make them my first subjects.
I am a bit rusty compared to the works that I find but with more practice, exercise, and hopeful commitment, I do wish to be able to master this medium.

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