Designtury 2000: Looking Back at My Vision of the Future

A part of our requirement for our 3rd year in university is to produce a fashion show for our design class.  This major project took probably a semester and a half and everything from conceptualization to execution was produced by our class.


The programme (edited)

My involvement was to create about 8 pieces for the show, this with my role being one of the designers.

It’s been 22 years now since that show and I am still fondly looking back when I choreographed and directed my segment of the show to Malcom McLaren’s Waltz Darling. This on top of overseeing that the dresses were completed in time.
I only have these pictures immortalizing my work as I am really not sure where the dresses are now (there are 3 more that I can’t find any pictures of) but from what I remember; at least 2 of them (the white bustier and fringed hem and the velvet red dress with sheer cape) were borrowed by friends who wore them when they appeared in a talk show.

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