32 through 4: The 1st Attempt

We missed the 4-city run last March 22nd due to the flu that caught us the day before so we decided to do a catch up yesterday, with only about 5 weeks until the BMO Marathon

We were all set and ready, even though we woke up to the typical Vancouver rain but thought, we’d brave it as we were expecting the weather to get better through the run.  Also, because half the total the route will have us through trails, the tress ought to shield us from most of the rain.

The start of the run at the Burrard skytrain station went pretty well, although it was a bit windy.  By the time we got to Stanley Park and onto Coal Harbour, it was pretty promising.  Things went smoothly for most of the run in Vancouver up until we got to Wall Street where the rain started to go harder.

By the time we got to the first trail, the Trans Canada Trail, it was pouring, but we braved through it, trying our best to get to the 13 km mark at a Rec Centre to do our usual break, which we did.

After leaving the centre, 2 kms into, the rains were not letting up and the wind chill was getting stronger. Not wanting to risk getting sick again, we unfortunately had to call it off and hopped on a bus and onto a train to home.


Typical Vancouver weather


But not before warming ourselves up at the nearest Starbucks…


Warm up

Total distance: 15 kms.

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