Cry to Heaven: A New Musical Into the World Where Castration Was all the Rage

We asked for more musicals that are not the jukebox kind nor ones based on movies so here it is. A musical based on a book about cutting penises to achieve celebrity status.

I haven’t read any of Anne Rice’s works and I didn’t particularly enjoy the movies based on her works but this one seems interesting enough, mainly because of the subject matter which I never thought would be true and one I didn’t bother googling before. That and it doesn’t feature vampires (but I could be wrong).

Based on Anne Rice’s third novel, Cry to Heaven follows Tonio, a teenage boy betrayed by his brother and forced into a life he never expected – a public life of celebrity in the world of the castrati, and a private life devoted to revenge. The castrato, is a type of classical male singing voice produced by castration of the singer before puberty, was all the rage in the 1700s but prepubescent castration for this purpose was greatly diminished by the 18th century. – taken from Encore Arts Seattle

Seattle’s 5th Ave. Theatre will be staging this new musical which will be written by Matthew Wilder, who is known for his works for Disney’s Mulan.

No dates have been set yet, and most likely will come into on the 5th’s 2016/17 Season as they had already announced the 15/16 season.

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