Broadway Across Seattle’s 2015/ 16 Season

Broadway Across America Seattle just announced it 2015/16 Season playing at the Paramount Theatre and between this and the 5th Avenue Theatre’s line up, I might find myself crossing the border for day trips this year!

As with yesterday’s Vancouver post, I am not promising to see all of them but will be doing my best to.

Annie which will play from September 20-26 2015, will open the season and given the chance, I don’t mind seeing this again.

If/Then – November 03-08 2015 Though I really love the songs and am so curious on how the show is, to be honest, my seeing the show will be dependent on the casting. Since I will need to drive 2 ½ hours to get to the Paramount, I feel it should be worth the drive, otherwise, I will be just as happy seeing a local production in Vancouver.

Newsies – April 26-May 01 2016. This one is the one that I am definitely looking forward to!

Bullets Over Broadway – February 02-07 2016 I have minimal information on this show and it had been off the musical radar for quite some time now that I didn’t even know they were touring.

Motown the Musical – May 21- June 12 2016 This one I’m on the fence with as I am not 100% sure if it’s a revue or a jukebox musical with a story dependent on the songs.  I have been looking it up but have not found solid information yet.  Maybe depending on the casting as well, I may give this a look.

Jersey Boys – March 08-13 2016 I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and from what I heard, the stage is just as good, if not better.  I’ve had a few chances to see this but was not able to and maybe 2016 will be the year.

Other returning shows that I am not particularly keen on just because either I have already seen it or am just not interested.

Riverdance – October 30 – November 01 2015 (Not interested)

Beauty and the Beast – December 11-13 2015 (Not interested)

Book of Mormon – Dec 29 2015 – January 10 2016 (Seen it)

Blue Man Group – March 31 – April 03 2016 (Not Interested)




*** Images courtesy of Broadway Across America Seattle ***

3 responses to “Broadway Across Seattle’s 2015/ 16 Season

  1. I would skip bullets and Annie–Newsies, Motown and IF/THEN worth seeing but depends who is in the latter! I saw Jersey Boys twice because I HAD TO! LOL

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