Allegiance and Akhenaten: New Musicals Going Forward

Two shows that I had been following for quite some time now had been quiet and only recently did I remember them when the gears started turning again, and I’m glad to see there’s progress happening on these 2 shows, bringing them one step closer to their Broadway premieres.

Allegiance had its premiere at the Old Globe Theatre in San Diego back in September 2012, with initially a Broadway run beginning March 2014.  For some reason, no news came after that and the show suddenly went in to limbo.


News surfaced recently stating that the show will be pushing through Fall of 2015 and it will be housed at the Shubert Theatre.  Here’s hoping that it will go through as scheduled with its original cast including George Takei, Lea Salonga, and Telly Leung intact.

(Update: Allegiance will be playing at the Longacre Theater and not the Shubert Theater as previously written)

Akhenaten the Musical surfaced out of nowhere in my Twitter feed, where it had been aggressively campaigning itself, and serving as a storybook timeline of development the musical. The show is using a crowd funding strategy at Indiegogo.


Now I’m still a little skeptical of anything that relies on crowd funding and to be honest, it made me doubt the show’s realization but on Feb 04 2015, it was announced that a concept recording is in the works and will feature familiar names like Christina DeCicco, Sean McLaughlin (Evita Revival and Tour, respectively), and N’Kenge (Motown), among others.

Here’s hoping that these 2 shows become a success and pave the way for more original materials finding their way on Broadway.

Below links for more information on the shows:

Allegiance the Musical

Akhenaten the Musical

3 responses to “Allegiance and Akhenaten: New Musicals Going Forward

    • yep. Playbill did articles on them as well. Actually Playbill was the one who announced the latest updates on these shows.
      Maybe when it gets even closer to it being a Broadway realization there will be more buzz. If you also come across the To Be Takei documentary, it had snippets of Allegiance during its run in San Diego.

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