Five in Six

While picking up our race packages during the Vancouver Rock and Roll half, my hubby and I signed up for the 2015 race as well, then about a month ago, we decided to sign up for the 3-pack tour pass, eyeing the Cascadia medal, which means completed runs for Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver.

Because we had already signed up with the Vancouver race prior to the tour pass, we have one more race that we can use and will most likely, go for a Vegas repeat.

So so far, between the months of May to November, we realized we are doing a total of 5 races – 3 halfs and 2 fulls.


  • Bank of Montreal (BMO) Marathon Vancouver, May 2015 (42K) – time TBC
  • Portland Rock & Roll Half Marathon, May 2015 (21.5K) – time TBC
  • Seattle Rock & Roll Half Marathon, June 2015 (21.5K) – time TBC
  • Vancouver Rock & Roll Half Marathon, October 2015 (21.5K) – time TBC
  • Las Vegas Rock & Roll Marathon, November 2015 (42K) – time TBC



For the Rock and Roll Series, I may possibly run the 5K prior to race day, if they have them.

The one I am most nervous about is running the half in Portland because it comes 2 weeks after I would have finished the BMO Vancouver full.

Let’s see how the next months go.

2 responses to “Five in Six

  1. On another subject :O) We just got notice of our Ft. Laud 2015-2016 touring shows: Beautiful, Grinch Stole Christmas, Once, Newsies, Dirty Dancing, Kinky Boots (will open one day after my Leap year Birthday)–now have to wait for Miami announcement.
    Racing is exercise–against my beliefs! :O)

    • Against beliefs haha! 🙂
      Still waiting for the Broadway Across America Seattle line up. Vancouver announced theirs and I saw them all (Lion King (would like to see this again), Dirty Dancing, Once, and Mamma Mia (yet again).

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