On Disc: Fosse

Fosse is a musical revue featuring (who else) Bob Fosse’s work on stage, TV, and film. Re-created almost true-to-the original by Ann Reinking, the revue successfully won the 1999 Tony Award for Best Musical, although, like Susan Stroman’s Contact which won a year later, it wasn’t really a musical but more of a dance showcase.

The taped performance did not feature the original cast although most were still there. Ben Vereen, who was not with the original company, is featured in this recording, which is one of the good thing about this immortalization.


While there were a lot of numbers that are still breathtaking, even though its not live, some where quite underwhelming that I found myself fast forwarding to the next number.

Big Spender is still a pleaser, and the Crunchy Granola Suite choreography was so nice and pleasing to the eyes as with my other favourites: Steam Heat, I Gotcha, Cool Hand Luke, the Cabaret and Chicago numbers, and the Finale, Sing, Sing, Sing.

One of the numbers that disappointed me is the classic Rich Man’s Frug, but it is maybe due to high expectations form having sent he Sweet Charity movie version too much. Here, I found the energy and connection between the dancers lacking.

Personally, I think I wouldn’t enjoy it as much if I saw it live, mainly because, on DVD I can see the details and go back on things I missed but if given the chance to, I would still take the opportunity to see it on stage.



Recorded/ On Disc is a series about staged shows I’ve seen on either on TV, DVD or the big screen which I had not caught live as of writing. In other words, filler posts in between seeing live shows 😛

Photo borrowed from Amazon.com

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