Legally Blonde on the High Seas

Before you read on, this will have a lot of information on how the show was re-formatted and condensed at the Norwegian Cruise Line Getaway cruise.

Norwegian Cruise Lines is currently presenting Legally Blonde the Musical as part of their feature show aboard the Getaway, NCL’s newest and biggest ship to date.

The intermissionless show has a running time of 90 minutes, which is about 50-60 minutes less the normal run so when I found out about this, I found myself taking mental notes on how the show was revised to fit this timeline.


I initially thought the songs were just to be cut a quarter or so but sadly, it turned out a lot of songs were taken off completly, of which were: The Harvard Variations, Blood In the Water, the Serious Reprise, and one of my favorites, Take It Like A Man. And yeah, most, if not all songs were reduced from their original.

The cast was smaller and you’d see secondary characters play multiple roles like Paulette and Elle’s mom done by the same player, so was Prof Callaghan and Elle’s dad.  Enid and Sandeep were taken off the show and I don’t know why they did that since there were a couple of incidental players onstage who could have played them. As for Bruiser’s short but memorable part, it was reduced to a mere phone call answered by a Delta Nu.

Paulette’s back story was taken off completely although the way it was done was fairly good I didn’t even realize it until a third quarter through.

Even though I met some of the cast after the show, I didn’t get a chance to know their names as the photo opp line was so in and out in seconds there was just no chance for conversation. And they don’t hand out programmes either.



Warner’s player I felt was miscast even though he had a good voice. There was just something about the player that was off even though he looked the part. Emmett’s player looked little bit more stylish that what the character calls for, and Brooke character could have definitely been played better; the Whipped In To Shape number was such an overwhelming disappointment.

I did like how Prof Callaghan, Karl the UPS guy, and the Delta Nu’s were played, and I felt Nikos Argitakos was done well but the 2 players that stood out for me were Vivian Kensington and Paulette; Vivian looked and played the part and I think this one is my favorite Vivians out of the 3 productions I’ve seen. Paulette was played so well and I really think that since they did this blind casting anyway, they might as well have had her play Elle Woods.

And how did this version of Elle Woods fare? Not phenomenal based on an uncaptivated audience, but not a bad one either. I will leave it at that.


If you find yourself cruising at the Norwegian Getaway, by all means, go see it since its there anyway and there’s no extra charge to see it, but if you’ve previously seen the show elsewhere before, and if you liked that production, spend your 90 minutes elsewhere, or better yet, go see Burn the Floor, which bent and snapped more than this production.

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