On Disc: Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Love Never Dies

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Love Never Dies is the sequel to the highly successful Phantom of the Opera. Set in ten years later in New York’s Coney Island, the musical tells the continuing story of the Phantom and Christine Daae.


Almost all characters form the predecessor are in the show and played integral parts of the story, most notably, Meg Giry, who gets a meatier role in this sequel, and Raoul, who (spoiler alert) turned from romantic leading man to cold husband.

The show never really made it into North America despite numerous talks and revisions and the closest experience North America has with the show is through the recorded Australian performance starring Ben Lewis as the Phantom and Anna O’ Byrne as Christie shown through screenings at movie theatres and through the DVD release, which is how I saw the musical.


I personally feel that this show could have stood alone without associating with is predecessor. I think it suffered because of high expectations and comparisons which is a shame because the songs and the score of the show, in my opinion, is one of ALW’s best works.

When I first heard about the show when it was still in development, I was kind of hesitant due to the setting – Coney Island versus Paris? Set in a carnival versus an set in an opera? But when I heard the recording, my impression started to turn the other way and, in fact, I listen to this cast recording more than The Phantom of the Opera. Then when I saw it on DVD, I became a fan.


Recorded/ On Disc is a series about staged shows I’ve seen on either on TV, DVD or the big screen which I had not caught live as of writing. In other words, filler posts in between seeing live shows 😛

Images courtesy of The Really Useful Group and London Theatre Direct

2 responses to “On Disc: Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Love Never Dies

  1. Got to see Ramin Karimloo in Les Mis, and I’m seeing Sierra Boggess on Tuesday in Phantom. I will be writing about it. My favorite version of phantom is the movie at Royal Albert Hall that they’re both in. I can’t wait to see her in Phantom. I wish I saw them in Love Never Dies I loved the movie though and Ramin’s version of Till I Hear You Sing is my favorite.

    • Thats great! Looking forwars to your posts on the 2 shows! Agree on ‘Til I Hear You Sing. Such a great song and Ramin Karmiloo’s version is fantastic.

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