Hedwig and the Angry Inch Cast Recording: A Preview Thanks to SoundCloud

Hedwig and the Angry Inch had had a strong presence since Sunday due to its major wins at the Tony Awards – Neil Patrick Harris for Best Actor in A Musical, Lena Hall for Best Featured Actress in a Musical, and Best Revival of a Musical. Harris’ Sugar Daddy performance had been the talk on the circuit as well.

The timing could not be better for anticipated sales of the cast recording. It was due to be out later but it was decided that the digital version was to be released early; tomorrow, in fact.

SoundCloud, via Buzzfeed, did something better. Yesterday, it posted the complete album for everyone to listen to for free.


Although not a lot of variations from the original recording done by original Hedwig, John Cameron Mitchell (or the compilation, Wig In a Box), Harris’ versions are just as powerful and enjoyable, most especially his renditions of The Origin of Love, Wig In a Box, and my favourite, the Tommy Gnosis version of Wicked Little Town.

It was a delight to hear a different version of The Long Grift. In this recording, it is sung by Lena Hall’s Yitzhak, who’s character, from what I read, had been beefed up on this revival.

This recording, just like the original, will be a classic favourite. It’s been more than a decade already since Mitchell’s show and movie and the songs had not been or had not been showing any signs of being outdated, and, thanks to this revival, the show had most likely surpassed cult status, elevating itself into mainstream.

To listen to the SoundCloud compilation on Buzzfeed click here or the cast recording artwork.

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