Annie at the Royal City

So from my previous posts, you can see that my involvement with the Royal City Musical Theatre’s production of Annie began when my dog, Coco, auditioned for the part of Sandy. She did not get the part, however, she was invited to play a cameo in the show. There she was a captured dog who appears a split second just before the actual “Sandy” comes on stage.


Coco with her “Dog catcher”

Not a lot of exposure but it gave us the opportunity to be in on the action backstage, and we got to meet people in the production who made this show a great success.



Coco with some of the cast

We got to watch the show opening night at the Massey Theatre, and seeing the show in it’s entirety was awesome, especially since this is the first time I’m actually seeing the show on stage.

Julia McLean, who played Annie was truly a huge talent! I did like her first look where she was sporting a bob and wished that they kept the look all throughout but I guess some familiarity needs to be put in to get itself true to its classic show form. Voice was truly impeccable it was just great hearing “Maybe” live.

The rest of the orphans were just delightful, and I am so pleased seeing them be kids backstage, transforming into professional performers when on stage.

The cast leads did not go short on delivering themselves. I felt they all stood out in their roles, however, I feel that Lily St. Regis’ character was criminally underutilized, which I think may be the case in any production. Regardless, that didn’t stop Laura McNaught from delivering and ensuring great chemistry with Mike Kovac’s and Caitlin Clugston’s funny, evil, and effective portrayals of Rooster and Miss Hannigan, respectively.

The sets were pretty well done and detailed, utilizing the stage to its fullest. I found some charm in the fact that they were not mechanically driven but were set up manually by either the cast or the stage hands, or both.

Oh, and the orchestra. It is out in the open so the music was just out there with just the right amount of volume ensuring not to overpower the cast.

This is my first time seeing a production from the Royal City Musical Theatre group, which is on it’s 25th year already and now I am looking forward to their productions, particularly, their 2015 offering, My Fair Lady, which was announced on that opening night.

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