Practically Perfect Poppins

I had a chance to watch Saving Mr. Banks last weekend and it reminded me that I have yet to do a post on the Mary Poppins show which I attended last December at the Stanley Theatre.

I missed the touring company when it stopped by Vancouver and Seattle so when the Arts Club theatre announced they were staging Mary Poppins as their holiday musical, I made sure that I catch it this time.

I was excited from the moment the first note hit, and the show just went by flawlessly with the smaller scaled but still beautiful sets and scrims that fully worked for the production without compromising the experience.


The actors were “practically perfect” with their well trained voices, most notably, Catriona Murphy as Mrs. Banks who I also saw at the same company’s production of Next to Normal.


Choreography was flawless especially on the Step In Time number I felt almost sorry that the applause did not blow the roof off. I know. I have high expectations of the audience.

As for Mary herself, Sara-Jeanne Hosie did a  very convincing cross but humorous nanny goodness that did not veer to far from Julie Andrews yet making it her own.

The Arts Club Theatre production of this grand major musical was briliantly staged even with a small stage. 

The way they utilized every inch of the stage, scrim use, extending the set out, and, of course, A-Grade perfomances were very effective methods and combinaion to be able scale it and deliver a  high calibre show.

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