Warm Ups and Channelling Our Inner Instructor

Day 11 – Warm Ups and Channelling Our Inner Instructor

The evening started off with warm ups that we found fun and helpful, making us open up and get out of our heads before we were to start the exercises.

This entailed us walking around the room and just relaxing our minds. Next up, we were to group and lead while making sounds, and last, we were to look into someone who we imagine as a bomb, and pick another person we will imagine as a shield for the bomb. It could be anyone, and it was chaos in a fun way.

Our next exercise had us become instructors. We were grouped into three and we took turns instructing, reminding, and at some times, giving critiques. It was easy for me as my 2 partners did very well that I only had to remind them that they were conversing once.

After this we went for our repetition rounds, and I must admit, it was one session that I found hard, being able to open up, and showing my vulnerability had been challenging.
Other than that, this sessions’ second part was not as productive as I hoped it would be.

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