Memorabilia: RENT Ads in the Early 2000’s

Some flyers from Rent the Musical in the early to mid 2000’s; re designed with that time’s casting.

The look did not deviate drastically from the original, and it was still in it’s true art concept.  The difference, aside from the obvious casting, is the logo’s color scheme, which was also used as a cover on the highlights CD (that one featured the OBC).

This ad campaign focused only on Roger, Mimi, and Mark, however, Roger was more prominent, not only in the group ad, but also having at least 2 ads that only featured him.

Also, I remember he had his own ad posted at Shubert Alley.




Plus, the handbill that featured American Idol’s and The Voice’s Frenchie Davis who at that time was in the ensemble and the Seasons of Love soloist.



Desktop wallpapers from Siteforrent (to save, right click and save or set to desktop)

Promo 02

Promo 01

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