Level 1 Graduation, Sitting Down, and Oscar

Day 12 – Level 1 Graduation, Sitting Down, and Oscar

The evening started up with another warm up exercise that literally took our breath away as we had to really run around the room while playing tag, acting as monsters. The growling yelling, coupled with running and chasing had us panting after.

For the next warm up, we were to call each other while pretending to catch and throw knives which I found was very helpful in awareness and being alert with what’s happening. The object-passing warm up exercise, which was the last warm up exercise for the evening, helped me with enunciation, while raising my alert level into what we were “passing”.

Before we started our repetition rounds, we were told that there will be a student form another class joining us for one of the exercise, and this exercise will have us channel our rage once again. And from what I know, this was the same guy who made people outside the studio call the police because of his realistic rage performance. Oh goody, the pressure!

The repetition exercise, I thought went much better this time around as I was able to successfully bring out my vulnerability and express what I felt. I feel it may have to do with my exercise partner as well, as I got a lot out of her, too, to be able to do the exercise to its full extent.

The rage channelling exercise was up next and thank goodness I didn’t go first because I was able to gauge how my exercise partner would be (although I had a very good idea already, if police got involved in one of his exercise).

Similar to the “Get Out” exercise, this one had us make our partner “Sit Down”.
Thanks to my husband, I went second. It took me a bit to channel the rage and I felt it became stronger as the seconds went by. I must admit that my partner was quite intimidating so in my mind I was just telling myself to go for it and commit, commit, commit.


And I believe it paid off as Michelle seemed to like what she saw. Whew!

The exercise was really exhausting that I felt my left arm numbing and even as of this writing it still has some discomfort.

After everyone had their rounds on the “Sit Down” exercise, we went for a round of improve fun which Michelle called the “Oscar Moment”. Here we were to improvise a scene and once she yells out “Oscar Moment”, we would have to give our best performance that should be “worthy of an Oscar”.

For this one, I may have gone or was going for an over the top performance because I heard hear Michelle say, “Oscar is going away” in the background which basically meant that I needed to step it up, so I downplayed it and tried to keep it real, which seemed to work, but definitely needed polishing. And on one of my partner’s moment, I unintentionally stole the moment when I responded to her with another over the top reply. Oops.


That ended the first level of the technique. I am taking a break from the course until the Summer at least to tend to other stuff going on around me but I feel I will definitely be back to get myself to learn and master this technique.


Overall, it was a very pleasant training experience and I did feel some growth since when I first came in the Fall.

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