Looks Like It’s the Season of Spamalot

This May, Monty Python’s Spamalot will be playing at the Stanley Theatre courtesy of the Arts Club Theatre company, and currently, it is also being staged at the 5th Avenue Theatre in Seattle so this helped me remember to pick up where I left off on my overdue posts.

I first saw Spamalot when the touring company visited Vancouver in July 2008 and played at the Centre in Vancouver for Performing Arts (the very first time I’ve gone in to that venue).

The cast included Gary Beach, who was also from The Producers movie, and Esther Stillwell as the Lady of the Lake.


Spamalot-Vancouver-CastHow does one love this show?  Just have fun with it and go along with the flow.  Even non fans of the Monty Python series will appreciate this, as long as the inner silliness is brought to the theatre!

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