First Response and Rage

Day 10 – First Response and Rage

We did three different exercises last evening, and each were not only beneficial, they were so much fun, too.
The first response had us sitting with our backs towards the audience. Michelle would tap people so they’d go to the door and knock. Upon answering, we are to say the first thing that comes to mind when we see the person behind the door.

Everyone just had fun trying to get a reaction, giving a variety of looks, stares, or movement, that we were reminded not to make it too easy.


I believe I was able to convey the first emotion or response when I answered each knock, although I need to wok on getting those into words.

The repetition exercise was an intense one because we had to think of something about our partner that made us angry, and we were to do the reception with that anger. It was quite difficult to think of something as we don’t really know each other all too well, so we had to make up a “daydream” to get the anger built up.

I remember reading about this from the book, Sanford Meisner on Acting by Longwell because I was a little confused with what Meisner wanted form his students with regards to the “story” – it has to be specific, not general; it has to be in that moment… I have to read on that again.

Good thing is, someone asked to be partnered up with my original partner, ending me up with my husband to do the exercise. This made it easier for me as I only needed to think of something in the past, a real experience if you must.

On stage, we did the repetition with much anger, sarcasm, and rage. It felt all too real, and I appreciate the fact that our teacher and our fellow students liked our work.

For the next round, we were partnered up with some else. The first round was so beneficial as I was able to get a good amount of rage out already, and I felt more wanted to come out.

Around three quarters of the exercise, I noticed my body was reacting as well, stomping, hands flying, finger pointing, and all. My energy was blasting through voice and movement.


I saw my partner was tearing up but that made me up the notch more (I was also hearing Michelle in the background encouraging me to do so), and was going to keep going up until we were told we were done. I gave my partner a hug as the exercise was too intense and I felt my body’s exhaustion, too.

As with the previous “Get Out” exercise, that evening, I slept soundly, and now, while at work, I am feeling all too calm that I am thinking of doing this exercise every day home. It ought to be fun for hubby.

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