Back to Basics

Day 9 – Back to Basics

The classes were given a new structure now. For about 8 weeks, we will be concentrating on the basics of listening and responding. The next will be activities, and so on.

For the evening’s session, we did rounds of repetition exercises but this time, since almost all have familiarity with the exercise, we had more room to be able to do the exercise on our own and as much as we wanted to do actual conversation, we were able to figure out how to do the exercise while sneaking in conversation.

Towards the end of the evening, we were positioned opposite the 2 ends of the stage so we needed to voice ourselves louder. This technique was a good one as we came across clearly, and because we were not sitting down, we were able to take the opportunity to observe body language, as well, play with repeating our partner’s body language.

Eventually, our class went into overtime without anyone of us noticing, which is very good indication that everyone appreciated the evening’s class.

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