Pressured Dinner

Day 8 – Pressured Dinner

This session packed with about 5 different exercises and it went really smoothly  andI think I enjoyed this session the most, so far.

First up is the usual repetition exercise with a new student who was really easy and pleasant to work with.  Each took turns doing the repetition and the way she was so animated and bubbly made it really pleasant to watch. 

Next came the one where we were to say or ask something that would evoke a strong reaction, which we did in the fourth session.  It was a little challenging for me to do this as my partner is so nice and seemed fragile it took me a while to come up with something.  And this after reassurance from Michelle that “we can and should all take it”.  Before we started I already did my verbal disclaimer so hopefully she did not take anything personally.

“Every time you look at me I just want to stab your eye.”

Taken aback.


Then confused.

Those were the emotions that I saw. I was asked how I would sum it up and I really had difficulty coming up with the words that summed up her emotions and it was pretty simple. 


Her turn on me.

“You’re so fake”

“He didn’t move, stiffened up, as though defensive”

And I was.

Up next is our activity.

A few days prior I received an email from Michelle instructing me to not eat and have my dinner on stage, and that is to be my activity. 

At this time, it was already a little past nine and I was starving! As soon as the exercise began I just went for my sandwich while my partner was engaging me with the repetition, which was really hard with a full mouth, but I think I pulled it off. I was really doing the activity and was doing it truthfully while in that “imaginary circumstance”.


A little twist was when a third player knocked, came in , and grabbed the rest of my dinner, then ran off. 

meisner-eat-3 Totally unexpected and I believe I gave the exact emotion that was expected – surprise and disbelief.


When it was time for the others to do their activity, the “Get Out” exercise was incorporated in so while people were building pyramid cards, one other player goes into the scene, in all rage, and gets the other two out of the room.

I was conscious of the fact that I broke character here because while I was doing the repetition, I realized the other wasn’t even paying attention to me and I stopped then left the scene.

On the last part of the session, I wasn’t involved but this was to be my husband’s activity and his turn into the spotlight.

His task was to do a puzzle and work on it as if it was a life-or-death situation. I’m pleased with how committed he was to both the task and the exercise.

On the next sessions, we were told that we will be doing the same so I need to come up with something quick as I feel I need time to emotionally prepare for that exercise.

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