Repetition Galore, Repetition Galore, Repetition Galore, Repetition Galore

Day 6 – Repetition Galore, Repetition Galore, Repetition Galore, Repetition Galore

The class was a small one that evening so our instructor decided to make us do thorough repetition.

Everyone took turns partnering with Charles* doing the exercise and by the third person, Charles* felt frustrated and looked exhausted.  He was questioning the purpose of the exercise and what benefits it does.

After a quite lengthy discussion on the benefits of the exercise and how it should make us open up for us to be ourselves, we carried on, with Charles* still on the seat.

After a few minutes of the repetition exercise, I noticed Charles* was tearing up so I mentioned it matter of fact – true to the moment as we were taught. The next moments following saw Charles* crying and shaking and he was stating this throughout the exercise, opening himself up and he acknowledged this throughout.


Round of applause – not for me, but for my partner, who just a few minutes before was so guarded and just out of nowhere, did a giant leap.

Round two for me. I was now partnered with Tina* who I felt a connection with and I thought the exercise was going on smoothly.  Unfortunately for me, we ran out of time and we had to cut the exercise.

Tina* mentioned that she was just about to get emotional and cry, which was bewildering for me as it would have been the second time that I would have made a person cry on that evening, just by merely practising the repetition exercise.

Who knew I had that kind effect on people?

* Names have been changed for privacy purposes

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