Puzzled Moments

Day 7 – Puzzled Moments

I was definitely not in my A-game in that session.

I was well aware that I was not able to do the repetition exercises properly as I tried to step up the game and tried to be impolite, as we were encouraged to do.  Having a partner in the exercise that seemed so sweet and fragile didn’t help me, even with assurances that my partner can take what I have to say.

It. Was. Simply. Hard.

That time I tried to initiate something “un-polite” it came across as trying to entertain, which was not the case, so I need to work on that factor.

For the next part of the repetition, my husband was put in the hot seat and everyone took turns engaging him into the repetition exercise.  The connection between us was very evident, although it was pointed out that we were veering away form the moment and instead, were engaging in conversation. 

Hubby did very well, and made a huge leap from when he first started the class J

The new exercise we did that evening was the ripped papers.  We were to get ourselves concentrating into the task and piece the papers back together, like a puzzle, using tapes, while a partner engages us into a repetition exercise. 


When my time came to do the exercise, the pieces lefts were just tremendously hard and I did what I shouldn’t have done. Faked it.

I basically taped random pieces together while engaging in repetition, concentrating more on the repetition rather than on both so I was told to fully get myself engaged in the task next time.

Although I know that I didn’t really do well on this exercise, I’d like to think that I pulled off some “acting” there because Michelle only learned that I didn’t really do the puzzle pieces correctly when she asked.

Next week, I will be doing a one-on-one evaluation with Michelle on how I did in the sessions so far.  There is so much to learn regarding this technique and I do acknowledge the fact that it is not a technique that is easy to learn.  Seven weeks into the class, I still find myself struggling so maybe based on the feedback I get, I can decide if I am cut out for this or not.

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